Deliver Auto Responder Messages


The Auto Responder feature allows you to deliver automated email or text messages to your customers instantly after they complete this Campaign. Your customers can choose to send themselves a text or email which will instantly deliver any digital content that you configure as part of your Campaign. This feature is available with a Premium subscription and can be connected to multiple features within a Campaign. You can set up an automated text or email to go out based on a customer's interaction with the following features:

  • Email collection
  • Phone number collection
  • Multiple choice
  • Photo capture
  • Scratch & Win

A few examples of how this can work for your business:

  • Allow your customers to play the Scratch & Win game and then use the Auto Responder to allow them to text or email themselves their prize
  • Turn on the photo capture feature and allow your customers to text or email themselves the digital photo that they take as part of your Campaign
  • Use the multiple choice feature to present customers with a list of digital content, such as a PDF copy of product specifications or instructions, a sell sheet, a link to a video, a digital brochure, or even a link to your CRM program, and use the Auto Responder to let customers text or email themselves their selection

Configuration Tips

Within the Campaign section of the OnSpot Social web admin, you can use the Auto Responder tab to configure your automated outbound message. 
  • Simply navigate to the Auto Responder tab within the Campaign and you will be presented with a list of the features currently being used within your Campaign which you can configure an automated email or text message for. 
  • Click the 'Configure' button next to the feature that you want to connect an automated message to (ie. Multiple Choice, Photo Booth, Scratch & Win, etc.)
  • When using the auto responder you can create a subject line, message, and upload a file as part of the automated email or text that will be sent to your customers after they use the OnSpot app. 
    • Subject Line: is limited to 60 characters. We recommend including your company name so the user will recognize the email. If you select text message, the subject line text will NOT be included.
    • Message Text: is limited to 125 characters. The message will be used on both email and text message. You can type in any text that you want to appear within the email or text message that your customers can send to themselves.
    • Attachments: You can upload any digital file, such as PDF, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, etc. If you upload a file it will be converted into a short URL and included as part of the message text. The URL characters are counted as part of the 125 character limit. Your customers can then click the link to access the file.
  • When you are ready, you can test your message before you go live. Enter your email address and click 'Send Test' to test the email functionality. If you're using the text message auto responder, enter your mobile number and click 'Send Test' to test the text message functionality.

Country Code

Within the Auto Responder area - there is an option to set a Default Mobile Country Code.  When users see this Campaign on the OnSpot app, the country code will be automatically populated for them based on what you set to the default.  Users will have the option to change the country code to something besides the default on the OnSpot app if they need to.

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