Configure Integrations

Select List(s) To Forward Data To

The OnSpot Social integration setup area will display all of the lists you have available in your 3rd party software that you can forward data onto. Select one or multiple lists that you wish to forward any collected data into.

Map Collection Fields From OnSpot Social To Fields Within Your Integrated Service

The field mapping area of the integration setup allows you to choose which fields of information collected through the OnSpot app will go to which fields within your 3rd party integrated service.

For example - you would want to make sure that any email addresses collected through the OnSpot Social app will be forwarded to the email address field within your 3rd party service. Additional information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and even Tags may be forwarded to 3rd party software.

Select Triggers / Rules

Setting up Triggers & Rules to determine when data is forwarded through an integration is optional. Advanced users may use this feature to send data collected through different tablets or locations to different lists within their 3rd party software.

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