Creating Campaigns

Campaigns Overview

A Campaign is the sequence of screens that your customer will go through after they click on a Campaign Start Button on the Home Screen of the OnSpot Social app.

You can present up to 3 Campaign choices for a customer to choose from.  A business that wants to simply collect email addresses would probably just display 1 Campaign choice, while a business that wants to give their customers the option to Follow or Like their company on different social platforms may show 2 or 3 Campaign choices.

Example - 1 Campaign Choice

Example - 3 Campaign Choices

Setting Up A Campaign

From the Campaign tab of the Profile Editor area - click on a Campaign to edit it.  Alternatively - press the "Create New Campaign " button to create an entirely new Campaign.

1 - Select a Campaign Start Button

Select a Start Button from the library to represent the Campaign you are creating. This will be shown on the Home Screen of the app and is what a user will need to click on to begin a Campaign.

Alternatively - you can design your own button and upload it.

 2 - Setup Screens Area

This area determines what screens/questions a customer will see when they go through a Campaign.  Add and arrange different tiles in the drag-and-drop area - they will be shown to the customer in the order you arrange them (from left to right).

3 - Add Auto Responders (Optional)

An Auto Responder is an email or text message that is sent to your customer instantly after they complete the Campaign.   Use Auto Responders to deliver any type of communication or files right to your customer's phone.

Examples of Auto Responders include:

  • sending a Thank You message
  • delivering a link to your website
  • delivering digital coupons
  • delivering links to online videos
  • delivering PDF files containing product/service information

 4- Add Data Forwarding (Optional)

Setup the Data Forwarding area to automatically forward any data you collect to the CRM/Email Marketing Service of your choice.

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