Managing Tags

You are able to create a Tag that can be assigned to a Profile. By applying a Tag to a Profile – each piece of data collected through that Profile will have that specific Tag tied to it.

How Can Tags Be Used?

  • Locations: Does your business use the OnSpot app at numerous locations? Setup a Profile and Tag for each location and easily segment your collected data by location.
  • Employees: A Tag can be setup for each employee using the OnSpot app on their tablet or phone. Easily see which employee collected which data.
  • Events: Does your business use the OnSpot app at different events? Update the Tag associated with that Profile before each event starts to easily track data collected at different events.

CSV Reports and Tags

When downloading the CSV report of data collected using the OnSpot app, if the Tag feature had been setup, a column will be displayed that shows the Tag that is associated with each data collection.

Are you forwarding your collected data onto third party services that OnSpot is integrated with (ex AWeber, Constant Contact)? If so, you are also able to forward Tags onto your other software services.

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