Managing Groups

OnSpot Social users are able to assign a "Group" to each device. A Group may be setup by your business to help differentiate locations, regions, employees, or marketing campaigns that each tablet/phone is associated with. By assigning Groups to different tablets/phones - you will be able to view reporting by Group and track the performance of each Group.

Creating Different Groups For Your Business

To create a new Group > click the "Create New Group" button within the Enterprise tab of the Account area.

Assigning a Group to a Device

Visit the Manage Devices tab of the Web Admin.  Next to each device on the list, there is a drop down box where you can select the Group to assign that particular device to.

Group Based Reporting

OnSpot Social provides reporting by Group in addition to the standard reporting. To view reporting by Group:

  1. Go to the Reports tab of the Web Admin.
  2. Select the Group you wish to see reporting for from the "Group" drop down box.

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