Managing Devices


You are able to control what is shown on each tablet/phone your company uses all from one central location - the "Manage Devices" area of the OnSpot Social Web Admin. Assign Profiles, manage subscriptions, and track the location for each tablet/phone here.

Adding Devices/Tablets

Simply download the OnSpot Social app onto a tablet/phone and login with your account username and password. It will then immediately show up on your list of devices within the "Manage Devices" area.

Assigning Profiles

As a business, you are able to create completely different Profiles through the Web Admin that can be assigned to different devices. This is useful if you are running campaigns with different objectives in different locations or need to show different languages from region to region.


Each device/tablet will need a subscription. These can be purchased one at a time or in bulk.

Each time a new device/tablet is added to your account - the system will assign it any unused subscriptions that are not currently being used by another device on your account.

If you wish to transfer a subscription from one device to another - simply press the "remove device" button next to the device that no longer needs a subscription. This will free-up that subscription so it will transfer to another device registered on your account that does not have a subscription.

Advanced Area

Groups (Optional)

For businesses that have multiple tablets/phones running the OnSpot Social app - it's possible to assign each device to a specific Group for reporting purposes. This is useful if your business needs to see reporting on how different locations or groups of tablets/phones are performing.

To enable the Groups option - click on the "Enable Advanced Settings" checkbox found on the "Enterprise" area of the "Account" tab.

GPS Location (Optional)

If a device is assigned a profile that has the "GPS Location" option enabled within the profile settings - then you will be able to see the last known location for that specific tablet/phone.

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