Web Form Version Of OnSpot Social


You now have the option to use your OnSpot Social profile as a web form.  This will let you send a URL to your customer and allow them to fill out the form on their own device.

Configuration Tips

Steps to set up:

  1. Add your logo and message by filling out the Logo and Home Screen Message area in the web-admin.  You change your wording, font color, font size, and font style.  Customize it to your liking!
  2. Add one campaign and set it up as you normally would. Pick your favorite OnSpot features to use on the Web Form, all features are supported on the web form except Photo Booth, and Scratch & Win.  When you finish don't forget to click "Next" then "Publish" in the upper right corner, so all your work is ready to use!

  3. Now to access your web form simply go into the "Profiles" area of the admin area.  Under the "Actions" area you'll see an icon that resembles a web picture (shown below, highlighted by the orange box)  Click on this to open the web form.
  4.  From here you will be provided a personalized URL that the web link opened under.  This is what you will send to your clients to allow them to open the Web Form.  Just copy and paste this URL and sent it to your clients for them to fill out your custom form!  (Show in the photo below) 

Web Example:

Below is an example of how the various questions are displayed within the web form!  

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