Designing Profile Home Screen

You are able completely customize the look of OnSpot Social for your brand by creating custom backgrounds for the app. Here a a few examples of custom home screen backgrounds

Resolution Requirements

We recommend all custom backgrounds have a resolution of 2048 X 1536

Main Screen Background Design

Display Message & Logo

Your Display Message and Logo that are setup through the OnSpot Social's Profile Editor will display over any custom background that is uploaded. Optionally, you can choose to not show the Display Message and Logo features and instead design your logo and messaging directly into your custom background.

Designing Around The Connection Icons & Logo

Below are the locations and dimensions for the different themes. Note the (0,0) coordinate is at the top left of the screen and all the X,Y coordinates for the each button/logo is the top left of the element. 

Learn how to create custom brand images using Canva for free.

Layout 1
Button 1: 63 x 30 (Size: 224 x 197)
Button 2: 350 x 30 (Size: 224 x 197)
Button 3: 637 x 30 (Size: 224 x 197)
Logo: 20 x 20 (Size: 492 x 492)

Layout 2
Button 1: 76 x 44 (Size: 194 x 197)
Button 2: 76 x 286 (Size: 194 x 197)
Button 3: 76 x 527 (Size: 194 x 197)
Logo: 462 x 20 (Size: 512 x 512)

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