Designing Profile Home Screen Background

You are able to completely customize the look of OnSpot Social for your brand by creating custom backgrounds for the app. Here a few examples of custom home screen backgrounds

Home Screen Background Design

Resolution Requirements

We recommend all custom backgrounds have a resolution of:

Tablet: 1536 X 2048

Phone: 1920 X 1080

*You only need to create a custom background for the device type you will use the OnSpot Social app on.  For example, if you only plan on running the app on tablet, then there is no need to design a version of the background for a phone, and vice versa.

What To Include In Your Background

We recommend adding all of your branding elements and any text/copy right into your background image.  


The Campaign Start Buttons are separate image files from the background and are uploaded separately into the system.  They will lay over top of the background.  Design the Campaign Start Buttons separately.


How To Design The Background Around The Campaign Start Buttons

Since the Campaign Start Buttons lay over top of the background, you do not want to add text/copy or branding elements underneath where the Start Buttons will lay.  The templates below show how to design for each device.

Tablet - Layout 1

Tablet - Layout 2

Phone -  (There is only 1 layout option)

What Design Software To Use

For professional graphic designers: we recommend using the software of your choice (ex Adobe Illustrator, etc.)

For non-professional graphic designers: we recommend the free software Canva. Very easy to use. Signup for free here or learn more about how to use Canva to create custom graphics for OnSpot Social.

More Examples Of Home Screen Backgrounds

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