Collect Name


The Name collection feature allows you to capture full name from your leads or customers as part of your Campaign. 

Configuration Tips

There are two primary ways to set up the Name collection feature. Depending on how you want to export your data, you will want to configure the Name collection feature by either:

  • Single Field: Collect full name in one input field within your Campaign if you need to export full name in a single cell within your .csv file
  • Multiple Fields: Collect first and last name in separate fields if you need to export your first name in one cell and last name in a separate cell within your .csv file. The example above shows Name being captured in multiple fields.
When configuring the Name feature, you can also use the checkbox to allow your leads to add a: 
  • Prefix (Mrs., Mr., etc.)
  • Suffix (Jr., II, IV, etc.)
  • Middle Name or Middle Initial

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