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The Phone Number collection feature allows you to capture any phone number, including mobile number, from your leads or customers as part of your Campaign. 

Configuration Tips

Follow the configuration tips below to take full advantage of the mobile number capture feature within OnSpot Social.

Country Code

Country code and area code is required. The United States country code "1" is set as the default. If you're using the app in another country and collecting mobile number, please update your country code for you account by going to: Account > Company Information > Mobile Country Code. Select your country from the drop down list.

Phone number validation

  • None: When a user enters a phone number, the app is able to check if the phone number format is valid based on the country your device is being used in. This is turned off by default when 'None' is selected. 
  • Loose: The LOOSE setting performs a basic validation of phone number just to make sure it is a phone number. 
  • Strict: Set phone number restriction to STRICT and the app will perform a full validation of the phone number based on the device region settings. You can check your device settings by going to your device and opening the Settings app > General > International > Region Format

Format Phone Number Within the .CSV File

Check the box if you want the mobile numbers collected with the app to be formatted as a phone number (instead of a string of consecutive characters) in your .CSV file to make it more readable when you download your collected data.

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