Scratch & Win Game

Tablet Example

Phone Example


The Scratch & Win feature allows you to engage leads or customers with a fun game as part of your Campaign. It works just like a physical scratch off ticket except that users use their finger to "scratch off" (wipe away) the box, revealing their prize.

Configuration Tips

You have the ability to set up 1-4 different scratch off boxes as part of the game. Each scratch off box can contain a unique prize OR you can configure each to reveal the same prize. Users will only be able to reveal one prize when participating in the Scratch & Win game, so they will not know if each scratch off box contains a unique prize or not. 
For each scratch off box you can configure the prize headline and description. When a user scratches one of the boxes, the prize headline and description will be revealed.
If you want to keep things interesting, you can turn on the 'Randomize placement of prizes' option which will change the location of each prize every time a new user interacts with the Scratch & Win game as part of your Campaign.
A great way to deliver prizes to users is by connecting Scratch & Win with the automated text message (or automated email) feature which will allow users to send themselves their prize immediately after they complete a Campaign. By delivering prizes such as coupons directly to a users' phone it will increase the likelihood that the prize is redeemed by using it to make a purchase. 

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