Automated Email Messages


The Automated Email Message feature allows you to send information and digital materials to your leads or customers on the spot as part of your Campaign. Users simply enter their email address and the system will automatically send the email that you have configured through the Web Admin to the user.

We highly recommend that you use this feature when you have internet connection. If you do not have internet connection then the emails will go out to customers the next time you get connected. 

The automated email messaging feature can be tied to multiple other features to create a very unique experience for your users. For example, you can tie these auto messages to:

  • Scratch & Win to send prizes directly to the users phone
  • Multiple Choice to send unique digital content to users based on the selections they make
  • Photo Booth to deliver users' photos directly to their mobile phone

Configuration Tips

Add a subject line to your emails. There is a 60 character limit. This subject line will appear in the emails sent to users. We recommend including your company name so the user will recognize the email.

You can add Message Text to your email message. There is a 125 character limit. You can add URLs to this area if you want to deliver digital content to users. We recommend using a URL shortner like to save on characters. Any attached files will be included as hyperlinks at the end of your message text.
You can preview your message within the Message Preview area. We also recommend that you send yourself a test email message before going live with the automated messaging feature in order to confirm everything is working appropriately. 
"From" Email Address

The "From" email address that the Auto Responder email messages will show by default to your customers is "". If you wish to update the "From" email address to your company's email address - please contact our customer support.  We can assist you in updating this to your company's email address.

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