Photo Capture Booth

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Phone Example


The Photo Booth feature allows you to turn your iPad into a photo booth so that leads or customers can have some fun by taking pictures of themselves as part of your Campaign. 

When users interact with the photo booth they can click the camera icon to start taking pictures. This will prompt an on screen countdown so that users can get ready for the photo to be taken. Once the photo(s) are complete, users can decide if they like the images or not by tapping the Thumps up or Thumbs down icons. If they tap Thumbs down they can retake their images. Tapping Thumbs up will save their photos and allow users to move forward in the Campaign.

Configuration Tips

We recommend including ia quick set of instructions for users to follow when taking photos as part of the Photo Booth feature. You can accomplish this by entering the instructions into the 'sub-header' input box within the Photo Booth settings area of the Web Admin.
The Photo Booth gives you the option to allow users to take a single photo or to create a film strip of three separate images. 
You also have the option of including your company logo within the photo to help brand the image. This is extremely valuable when users share their photos on social media as their followers can see that your company sponsored this activity. You have 3 options for pulling in your logo:
  • None (default): If you do not wish to incorporate your logo into the photo, then simply keep this default setting
  • Profile logo: If you uploaded a logo as part of your Campaign you can simply pull in that same logo and use it within the photo
  • Upload logo: If you did not upload a logo as part of your Campaign, or simply want to incorporate a different version of your logo into the photo, you can select this option and upload the new logo as part of the Photo Booth settings
We recommend that you tie the Photo Booth to the automated text message (or automated email) feature so that users can send themselves their photos after they complete the Campaign.

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