Text Coupons


OnSpot Social allows you to text coupons to your customers from anywhere, like your retail store, at events, and during rep-customer engagements in the field. You can connect an automated text coupon to any Campaign as long as you collect the customer's mobile phone as part of the Campaign. 

You can also text unique coupons based on the customer input using either of these two features:

  • Scratch & Win to text unique coupons directly to the users phone based on the the prize that's revealed
  • Multiple Choice to text unique coupons to users based on the selections they make


If you allow customers to play the Scratch & Win game, and configure that game with 4 different prize blocks, you can associate a different coupon to each of the different prize blocks. If the customer reveals a prize for 10% off, the 10% off coupons will be texted to the customer.

Configuration Tips

We highly recommend using Canva (if you don't have a graphic designer) to create custom coupons. Here's an article explaining how to create custom brand images for OnSpot Social using Canva.com.

Please review our help document to learn more about creating automated text messages.

Example Coupons

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